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We have more than 350 antibodies. For more information please contact

Presentation: The general presentations for this antibody are: 

MAD-000563-QD-3    ->   Volumen = 3 mL

MAD-000563-QD-7    ->   Volumen = 7 mL

MAD-000563-QD-12  ->  Volumen  = 12 mL

These references are for presentation packaging Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) dropper. For the case where the products are used in immunostaining automatic equipment, a special presentation which references and volumes are the same row of:

o    /L: Cylindrical screw-capped vials (QD-3/L, QD-7/L, QD-12/L).

o    /N: for polygonal screwcap vials (QD-3/N, QD-7/N, QD-12/N).

If the user wants other presentations (references / different volumes) should contact Máster Diagnóstica.