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The diagnosis of malignant lymphomas is one of the most challenging tasks in histopathology. Detection of clonality by molecular analysis of the rearrangements of immunoglobulin (Ig) and TCR genes is highly valuable for diagnostic of B and T lymphoproliferative processes. 

Rearrangements in the Ig and TCR genes give rise to hypervariable regions, and each mature lymphocyte has a specific rearrangement in these regions with a unique sequence and length that can be identified by PCR assays.


Master Diagnostica has developed a panel of PCR-based in vitro diagnostic systems (CE IVD) for detection of gene rearrangements in lymphomas.

Kit features:

  • Contains two multiplex reaction mixtures (Mixes A,  B, etc...) for several reagions of the interest gene with an internal amplification control for checking the quality of the DNA.
  • The amplification mixtures are in “monotest” form in colour-identified PCR tubes of 0.2ml.

  • All the PCR mixtures include primers marked at their 5’ end with 6-FAM fluorochrome, allowing automatic analysis of fragments by capillary electrophoresis using GeneScan.

  • All amplifications can be carried out in the thermocycler using a single programme

  • The enzyme Phire® Hot Start II DNA Polymerase is supplied in the kit.

  • Positive controls for clonal and polyclonal DNA are included.