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Master Diagnóstica offers the following hybridization systems based on the DNA Flow Technology:

  • hybriSpot 24TM: Hybridization system fully automated; 24 samples
  • hybriSpot 12TM: Hybridization system semi-automated; 12 samples
  • e-BRID SYSTEMTM: Hybridization system fully automated; 15 samples 

Common features:

  • Based on the DNA Flow Technology 
  • Hybridization method: Reverse dot-blot
  • Supported by hybriSoft (sample management software) 

hybriSpot 24TM

Special features:

  • Automated:
    • Reagent dispenser (robotic arm) 
    • Temperature and time controls
    • Vacuum control 
    • Image-capture
  • Integrated instrument for PCR and hybridization (under development)
  • Two 24-well PCR blocks (under development) 
  • Two 12-sample hybridization chambers (24 samples)
  • Ability to perform two techniques at the same time 
  • Bar-code identification of reagents and samples (strips) 
  • Comprehensive process control by sensors (vacuum; levels; temperature)
  • UV light for DNA decontamination 

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hybriSpot 12TM

Special features:

  • Semi-automatic: 
    • Temperature and time controls
  • Maximum 12 samples
  • Programmed buzzer to indicate the end of each step
  • Monitor screen to control temperature and time

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